Write up

When I was brainstorming something for an alternative voting app, I really wanted to speak out to my peers in some way that would help them get their minds away from studying for a bit. After some self-reflection, I felt that one such method of mental escape for me was putting myself in a different place. And then this voting app was born. When designing it, I wanted it to be exceedingly simple. Something you could just take a minute out of your day to do, and then go back to work feeling a little bit better. I think what makes this voting machine alternate is its simplicity, rather than taking the user through an arduous journey it instead takes them on short hops around the world corresponding to the type of environment they want to see. I also threw in some one-liners for each place to add to the stress relief effect. Of course, even though I was mainly thinking of other college students when I made it anyone could use this app. It could easily be used in planning your next vacation destination, all the way to teaching children about Geography and Biomes.

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