Newegg Website Usability Test
James Plaut DIG 245

Newegg Task: Find Newegg Premier for Student
Time Taken: 22 seconds
Accuracy: Moderately accurate, even after the premier sign-up page was found it still took time to find the student section.
Newegg Task: Find out how to become a Newegg seller
Time Taken: 10 seconds
Accuracy: Accurate, the user quickly used the featured sellers bar to find the Newegg seller option.
Newegg Task: Find the email subscription sign-up
Time Taken: 12 seconds
Accuracy: Moderately accurate, the user accidentally scrolled by it once.
Newegg Task: Find the marketplace spotlight
Time Taken: 28 seconds
Accuracy: Not very accurate, scrolled through the whole page and looked at the footer before finding it under Deals & Services.
Newegg Task: Find the careers page
Time Taken: 5 seconds
Accuracy: Very accurate, immediately scrolled down to find the correct page. However, this may be due to them reading the footer in the previous test.
  • The marketplace spotlight should probably get its own tab in the footer, or be made distinguishable from Deals & Services in some meaningful way.
  • The subscription letter should possibly be more catchy to the users eye, scrolling by it accidentally ruins the point.
  • Newegg premier for students was a hard find, premier itself is a bit out of the way but the student option should probably be higher up on the page than it currently is.